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Yellow Jacket

Vespula spp

Yellow Jacket

The yellowjacket, Vespula spp, comes in a wide variety of species. The yellowjacket is a flying insect, typically characterized by their yellow and blackhead and patterned bodies. One of the most common stinging pests, yellowjackets poses a significant threat to humans. Yellowjackets are incredibly territorial and they will swarm and sting anyone and anything that threatens their nests. Yellowjackets, much like fire ants, go into attack mode and stay in attack mode, as they are known to sting repeatedly and can cause severe allergic reactions in certain individuals.

Yellowjackets reside anywhere humans can be found. Yellowjackets build their nests out of chewed-up cellulose, and their abodes are oftentimes referred to as “paper carton” nests. Oddly enough the location and placement of their nests can be rather unique. Typically a yellow jacket nest will be in either of two places, on the ground or in cavernous spaces such as high ceilings, attics or basements.

Yellowjackets live in colonies with up to 4,000 workers. They are very social insects and must reside in a colony setting to survive.  Yellowjacket colonies are typically at their peak in the late summer and early autumn, just after their mating season. Yellowjackets are extremely attracted by desserts, food, and strong perfumes and colognes. As a result, these pests like to disrupt outdoor gatherings, especially when food is present.

The presence of yellow jackets is rather easy to uncover as you will either discover their nest or come into contact with worker yellow jackets patrolling the area. Do not try and remove their nest as they will immediately categorize you as a threat and swarm you, stingingly incessantly. If you discover a yellow jacket infestation on your property, do not hesitate, contact a professional pest control company to ensure the proper, safe removal of their colony.