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Oriental Roach

Blatta orientalis

Despite its misleading name, the oriental cockroach, Blatta orientalis, actually originated from Africa instead of Asia. Regardless, the oriental roach is one of the largest  species of cockroach across the world. These cockroaches are often times mistakenly identified as “water bugs” due to their love of damp environments. Oriental cockroaches are home invasion experts as they covertly gain entry into domiciles by sneaking under doors and through gaps beneath siding. Oriential roaches have also been known to infiltrate homes by climbing up pipes, sewars, and drains that lead from the building in question.

Oriental cockroaches are characterized by their shiny black color. The adults, both male and female are very large roaches when full grown, however, they drastically differ in appearance.The male orienrtal cockroaches are smaller in stature, growing to only 25 mm in length. The males also exhibit shortened, three-quarter-length wings which leaves the end of their abdominal segments exposed. However, even though female oriental roaches are much larger, growing up to 32 mm, they have no wings. In place of their wings the females carry “wing pads” that cover and protect the lower parts of their abdomen. Despite having wings, male german cockroaches do not fly.

The easiest way to determine if you have a german cockroach infestation is the physical sighting of the roaches or their egg capsules. The egg capsules are very large, ranging from 5 to 10 mm and can carry up to 16 offspring. The roaches and their egg capsules are typically only active in the warmer months of the year, and just as their “water bug” misnomer says, you will find these roaches in wet, dank areas of your home and property. A very unique sign of infestation is the distinct odor given off by german roaches. The german roaches use chemical signals to communicate with one another and despite our dull senses of smell, the german roach signals are very hard to miss. If you suspect your home may be under attack from german roaches, contact a professional pest control company immediately. This will ensure that the infestation is completely eradicated and will not be darkening your door again.