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German Roach

Blattella germanica

German Roach

The German cockroach, Blattella germanica (Linnaeus) is found all across the world, as it is the most common species of cockroach. While most people associate german cockroach infestations with restaurants, bars, factories and hotels, german cockroaches will invade any space with food and a crevice to hide. So do not be surprised to see german cockroaches on your residential properties as well.

Full grown german cockroaches are very distinguishable. They are characterized by their tan to light brown coloring and they always have two very distinct dark stripes running across their body. The female german cockroach looks very similar to their male counterparts, however, the females are typically much darker in color even though they share the same striping patterns. Oddly enough despite having a large pair of wings german cockroaches rarely fly, they prefer to skitter around on their six legs.

German cockroaches are primarily found in both residential and commercial kitchen and bathroom settings.The german cockroach prefers warm, humid environments, close to sources of food and moisture. Besides physically seeing a cockroach, a tell tale sign of infestation is finding German cockroach droppings. Their droppings are very small and dark, strongly resembling pepper flakes, and can be found in drawers, countertops, and various corners of your home.

If you suspect your home is under attack from these invaders, contact a professional pest control company immediately. Trust us they outnumber you 100 to 1 and you will need the help of professional grade equipment to ultimately rid your home of these pests