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Fleas, Siphonaptera, are parasitic insects that latch onto their victims and feed on their blood. Fleas strictly target warm-blooded creatures but they will feed on anything from bears to dogs to humans.  The most common species of the flea is the cat flea, these fleas are often found in the household, feasting on humans and pets alike.

A flea’s life span lasts roughly 100 days. Throughout that 100 day span a female flea can  produce 400-500 offspring. Flea’s are an incredibly mobile invader as they are forced to transport themselves on the victim to which they are feeding on. Fleas are notorious for their jumping ability, as they can use their powerful legs to jump over 150 times their own height, roughly an eight inch vertical!

Primarily fleas infest household pets, wild animals, and rodents. However, once they have invaded a home they can be found amongst shoes, pant legs or blankets, a tactic the flea uses to be transported to a viable feeding source.

The biggest threat fleas pose to humans are the infectious diseases that they carry. Flea’s are the most common host of the bubonic plague. Fleas are also known to also carry murine typhus bacterial disease found in rats. Fleas also pose a huge threat to our furry friends, as they have been known to carry tapeworms and their saliva can cause anemia in pets.

If you suspect you or your pet have become infected with the fleas contact a professional pest control company immediately. The technicians will be properly equipped to remove the flea infestation without bringing harm to yourself, your family, and your furry friends.