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Order Dermaptera


Earwigs, Order Dermaptera, are a long, slender and frightening insect. The hysteria that surrounds earwigs is based on an old wives' tale that earwigs can crawl into people’s ears and tunnel into their brains while they are sleeping. There is no proof to verify this myth but the prospect is quite scary. Across the United States, there have been over twenty different species of earwig identified.  

Earwigs can be a variety of sizes ranging anywhere from ¼ to a full inch long. The earwig has a long, slender, elongated bodies with six legs and long antennae The most distinct feature, and perhaps the most frightening, of an earwig is the pincers attached to their abdomen. To most homeowner's surprise, earwigs also have two pairs of wings. Not all species of earwigs can fly and most that do can only do so for short periods of time. However, their rapid flights can be rather jarring to the unsuspecting homeowner.

Fortunately, earwigs are classified as a nuisance pest as they pose no real threat to humans. Now just because they won't tunnel into your ear doesn’t mean they won't tunnel into your home. The best preventative practices are to regularly inspect your property and seal any potential entrances to your home come winter time. If you suspect your property is already under attack, contact a professional pest control company to rid your home of these invaders.