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Bug Man Videos

Your friendly Bug Man video series

Allen Langley has over 36 years of experience in pest control and is an expert on pests. In fact, for the past several years, he has served on the North Carolina Structural Pest Control Committee, the board that governs his industry. Allen created the "Your friendly Bug Man" video series to share his knowledge of pests with the public. We hope you enjoy his entertaining and educational videos. There are over 400 species of pests in our area. As our population continues to grow, the more we will come in contact with many of these species. Pests compete with humans for living space and food. If pests are left unchecked their ability to quickly multiply can become a devastating problem. We at H&H Pest Control believe the more you know about the pests in our area the better armed you will be with the knowledge on how to spot them and report them before they damage your dwelling and injure people.



H&H Pest Bed Bugs 720p

H & H Pest Control-Termites at the Royster House

German Roach Infestation

Mosquito Infestation

Yellow Jackets in my wall

Hornets nest on your house

Ant Infestation

Termite Infestation by H&H Pest Control

Box Elder Infestation

Paper Wasps on my house

Stink Bugs on my house

Bed bugs in your house

Centipede Infestation

Slug Infestation